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Saturday, February 22, 2003
Whoah. Had to be up early this morning to go to a damned LATIN CONVENTION of all things. That sucks supremely. As such I am tired. Also, weird emotional shit going down with me. Oh brother. I'd be more specific, but I imagine the majority of the people who read this are directly involved in said shit, so there you go.

Friday, February 21, 2003
Good lord! It's been so long since I updated this damn thing... like it's a whole new year. Yipes. Way too much stuff has gone down to try to get in here, so I'll just resolve to post more here in the near future. I'm in a production of Romeo and Juliet, as Friar Laurence, and that is taking up my whole damned life at the moment, but soon that will end and I'll be back to life.

I'm trying to form a band, and tentatively we have 3/4ths of it, but we still lack a drummer. Anyone know a Nu-Metal drummer with a flair for glam-rock style and stage antics? Drop me a line!


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